OmniCard Cardproductie - OmniCard Com Cards

By Gavin | November 20, 2018

To Micardis your card printing specialist with more than 20 years of experience in the chip card sector to produce that cards on credit card format, such as Rfid pay cards for access and copy attractors, but also for your identification matching customer cards etcetera in all areas by yourself completely, unburdened in it producing all your employee or student cards.

You can directly commission us for this, but this is possible with our even service module omnibus, where the employee or student can take photo or upload, and request the card, can do online. After this request, the card on the own production department from Omni court with the most modern equipment and qualified personnel printed on purpose post-processed barcodes and possibly coded. Whether this is an application of a card or a will production of 100,000 cards, it is your card specialist, your mailing can also be sent to that quarter, take care of the card with letter be sent directly to the applicant himself or the employer or educational institution link the card.

We use our order for lyceum different facilitating systems so that on receipt of the card by the applicant can use this equation for access to the building wind and access to the multifunctional to pay the own lure to the cash register vending machine and much more. Omni card is your card printing specialist.